Founded in 1972 Tayyab’s is a family owned and run business in Whitechapel serving the finest in Punjabi cuisine. From exquisitely spiced curries to our world renowned mixed grill and sizzling lamb chops, each dish has forged its place in history.

Beginning the story in a small Café, Tayyab’s grew into the space you see today, formed of three premises to create the vibrant atmosphere, and yet intimate experience so closely associated with our beginnings. Watch as our waiters weave their way through both the past and present, hurriedly delivering our mouth-watering and passionately crafted dishes.

Today Tayyab’s is run by our three sons, Saleem, Aleem and Wasim each of whom are passionate about each and every dish that leaves the kitchen. Quality dishes served at the highest level, becoming one of the most celebrated restaurants, not just in Whitechapel but in London.

When it comes to our food our mixed grill is a huge favourite, and this will become not just your first tantalising step into our food, by the second, third, and fourth. Fulfil your missing experience; don’t leave without having tasted our mixed grill.

Come and share in our family story, and experience our tale first hand, our other recommendation; have the lamb chops…


We are the winner on Time Out Love London Awards 2014. Yay! 

Thank you Time Out.

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